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 Welcome to my transformational life coaching and NLP business. I am an unshakeable caring optimist. A Qualified NLP Practitioner and Life coach, TV Presenter, a mother and a wife with over 15 years’ global experience in the fields of presentation, sales management, sales and TV presenting training and transformational life coaching, for both individuals and corporates. I am totally devoted to empowering women to transform their lives, achieve all of their goals in every area, so they feel confident and valued, in order for them to become the person they have always wanted to be. I believe passionately that every woman in this world fervently deserves to lead a life that is fulfilled, vibrant, exciting and happy and I feel so strongly about this that I want to dedicate my life and time to help people fulfill their own potential and reach their goals.

‘She has fire in her heart and Grace in her belly’

With kindness and sensitivity for each of your individual needs I will create and coach you through a personalized NLP life coaching program. For someone who is truly dedicated to the program and who is determined to make positive changes to their life, NLP has the power to rewire your deepest most debilitating and untrue beliefs about yourself and others. And to transform your unresourceful habits, and behaviors that have been holding you back from achieving. So you can start living the life you deserve, filled with happiness, purpose and success in abundance!!!!

There is nowhere I would rather be than right beside you coaching you through your own transformation. Give yourself permission to succeed at your own unique greatness.


What is Life coaching and NLP?

Life coaching

Life coaching considers specific personal issues or projects, business successes and failures, general conditions and transitions in a clients personal life, their relationships and profession by examining what is going on right now, what their specific obstacles or challenges might be and enabling them to select and follow through with a course of action to make their life be what they want it to be.  Life coaching clears limiting beliefs and clears your mindset so you can achieve, achieve, achieve.


Created in the 1970’s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder and using techniques from their own knowledge and therapists such as Virginia Satir, Fritz Perls and Milton Erikson, NLP teaches the brain through language and thoughts to gain the right knowledge for the right attitudes, skill sets and behaviors. It gives you the tools to literally retrain the way you think about yourself and others in order to be happier, more fulfilled, to reach and transcend your personal and professional goals. It brings about fast change and aids with goal setting and goal smashing.

NLP offers a practical and efficient set of communication and influencing tools for both personal and business growth  Moving forward NLP coaches you into utilizing the potential of each situation by understanding how you and others think and communicate in order to create and build appropriate strategies to effectively deal with a situation successfully.

'Fall in love with your life'

DISCLAIMER:  As every person is authentically unique results cannot always be guaranteed. 


Right from the start, it is easy to feel Lucy’s warmth and dedication to what she truly believes in (everybody’s potential to better themselves). She is gifted with her words and together with her big heart and passionate approach she will quickly lead you on the path of self-discovery and positive thinking.
— AA
Lucy Gallaugher NLP Practitioner

Who Needs Life coaching and NLP?

Literally anyone who wants to overcome a difficulty in their life, from those who have achieved so much and want to make a good life greater, to those that would like their life to finally become good. With the right dedication this can work for everyone. Life coaching is for a person that would like someone professionally trained to listen to them and help them make the change. Clients of all ages from all walks of life come to life coaching and NLP because they're struggling, feeling stressed or trapped in one or more areas of their life and they want to move forward. Typical difficulties might be; finding and enjoying a good life balance, being able to make yourself a priority without feeling guilty, discovering how to be the confident you, not knowing what career to pursue or how to change careers, not knowing what you want in life, how to manage weight and overcome fears, wanting to break the same un-resourceful circles your life goes round in but aren't sure how, knowing you need to make a change but aren't sure where to start and would like support and guidance in doing it and so much more….  Whatever difficulty you're facing, stop worrying, trust me you're not alone.

To discover if life coaching and NLP will specifically work for your particular issue please email me to request our questionnaire (contact details can be found below).

‘Always believe something wonderful is about to happen’

Why feel not enough?  Why be fearful of being you? Why constantly worry? bring an end to impulsively reacting to life and start making conscious choices to get what you want.  What type of life do you want to have? What type of career do you want to have? It's your choice so choose your blissful authentic life.

What’s stopping you? What’s holding you back?..... Lets find out and move forward into a world of happiness and abundance …


My services

Lucy Gallaugher services

NLP coaching                                                                                                             

Bespoke programs created specifically for each clients particular needs. I work with individuals on overcoming personal issues in order to make a positive transformational impact on their life and achieve their goals. I facilitate wellness workshops and I can also tailor my sessions for the commercial business field individually and through offering wellness in the workplace workshops.


Life coaching                                                                                                             

Bespoke programs created specifically for each clients particular needs. I work with individuals on overcoming personal challenges in order to make a positive transformational impact on their life and achieve their goals. And I offer this in a series of workshops. I can also tailor my sessions for the commercial business field individually and through offering wellness in the workplace workshops.


Habit Reforms

Goal setting

NLP emotional weight management course

Hypno gastric banding


*For more in depth information on any of the above services, to ask me a question, or to check if we are the right fit for each other please feel free to contact me today.


My expectations

The best of you!!! I am looking to work with people who are completely dedicated, determined and are willing to work hard, with support to make breakthroughs on anything that is holding you back.




Initial over the phone consultation




New Clients discount

(Programme lengths vary from person to person to gain breakthroughs. please get in contact to work out the best plan for you. Usually 6-8 sessions work best for break throughs, although sometimes less )

First 3 sessions $300

($120 there after)




(6-8 week series includes one and a half hour session per week, Please contact for details on the next workshop coming to you)

$170 per series or $250 for two people.



Health check  

12 month Life coaching plan

$1440 OR Save $360

*pay in full 24 hours prior to session one

*Includes one one hour session per month for a year, plus fortnightly email check in.

*Specifically for clients who have completed the initial 6-8 week program

*the personal trainer for your minds well being 



Wellness in the workplace workshop

Individually tailored to each specific clients requirements. Please do contact me for more information.



*Investment costs are to be paid in full 24 hours before session one for any discounts to occur.

*Full priced program costs can be split 50% prior to session one and 50% prior to session four.


Contact Me

I am based in Glendowie, Auckland and offer Skype sessions.

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Qualifications; MA, BA.Hons, NLP professional practitioner, ANZCAL professional life coach,
professional level breakthrough life coaching, Abundance coach, Hypnosis, Celebrant