About Me

 an unshakeable caring optimist. A Qualified NLP Practitioner and Life coach, TV Presenter, a mother and a wife with over 15 years’ global experience in the fields of presentation, sales management, sales and TV presenting training and transformational life coaching, for both individuals and corporates. I am totally devoted to empowering women to transform their lives, achieve all of their goals in every area, so they feel confident and valued, in order for them to become the person they have always wanted to be. I believe passionately that every woman in this world fervently deserves to lead a life that is fulfilled, vibrant, exciting and happy and I feel so strongly about this that I want to dedicate my life and time to help people fulfill their own potential and reach their goals.

‘She has fire in her heart and Grace in her belly’

With kindness and sensitivity for each of your individual needs I will create and coach you through a personalized NLP life coaching program. For someone who is truly dedicated to the program and who is determined to make positive changes to their life, NLP has the power to rewire your deepest most debilitating and untrue beliefs about yourself and others. And to transform your unresourceful habits, and behaviors that have been holding you back from achieving. So you can start living the life you deserve, filled with happiness, purpose and success in abundance!!!!

There is nowhere I would rather be than right beside you coaching you through your own transformation. Give yourself permission to succeed at your own unique greatness.